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               Welcome to the webpage of engineering and design company CEVING Ltd.. Our company offers you complex services joint with preparation and managment of a construction. You can find here few basic information about our company, about its activities as well as selection from reference constructions executed throughout a period of 27 years. Please, do not hesitate to contact us personally, via phone or by email if you would like to learn something more about CEVING Ltd.. We look forward to see you soon.

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Family houses as well...

         CEVING is enlarging its field of activities to family houses ... While we were focused to constructions for business and offices till now and family houses were only occasional, it has changed since now. We have improved our organisation managment so that we can offer our services for those who want to made they dreams come true and build their own family house. We can be helpfull in providing of the family house design, construction permit and occupancy allowance, as well as in on site supervision for clients coming from Košice and its surroundings. Registering your house to the land register will make your "dream" complete from the legislative point of view. It´s your turn now! We are ready ...

If you are interested or have any questions please contact directly the responsible person - Ing. Levčík, 0915 / 958 365, e-mail:levcik@ceving.sk

CEVING Ltd. successor of Združenie CEVING

          The team of engineering and design office Združenie CEVING, doing the business as a group of entrepreneurs has decided after long 21 years to change the legal entity and since March 1st, 2013  they continue as a Limited company, with a name CEVING s.r.o. (Ltd.). All rights, duties and responsibility have been moved to company CEVING s.r.o. (Ltd.).


Our present involvements

 CEVING Ltd. is involved at following construction on the present: 

  • Slovak Football Association (SFA) - National training centre in Poprad
  • HOLCIM (Slovensko) Inc. plant Turňa nad Bodvou - Infrastructure logistics
  • HOLCIM (Slovensko) Inc. plant Turňa nad Bodvou - Reconstruction of packer dedusting
  • HOLCIM (Slovensko) Inc. plant Turňa nad Bodvou - SNCR selective non-catalytic reduction NOx
  • HOLCIM (Slovensko) Inc. plant Turňa nad Bodvou - Installation of the operating cylinder mixture clinker dusting and bypass dust and dispensing the mixture into CM2 a PM-CM1
  • HOLCIM (Slovensko) Inc. plant Turňa nad Bodvou - TAP 200
  • HOLCIM (Slovensko) Inc. - Revamping of Plant Prešov
  • Transpetrol, Inc. - Tanks for Rude oil storage
  • CROWN Bevcan Slovakia Ltd. - Production plant CROWN Bevcan Kechnec, Phase IV- production extension
  • Slovnaft, Inc. - Project Managment activities before, during and afer completion of the construction
  • OMV Slovensko, Inc. - Emergancy tanks
  • P-P, Ltd. - Fuel Filling Station in Podhájska
  • Aspekt Rožňava, Ltd. - Warehouse in Hrušov
  • EuroNaft Ltd. - Fuel Filling Station Lovčica - Trubín
  • The Municipality of Kechnec - Multi-functional Building
  • The Municipality of Vyšná Myšľa - Modification of the public area next a bike route of Hornád in Vyšná Myšľa  ( founded by EU )
  • Cross-border cooperation Kechnec (SVK) - Abaujvár (HUN) - Bridge over river Hornád ( founded by EU )
  • The Municipality of Dvorníky - Včeláre - Utilities for Lodging Flats in Dvorníky - Včeláre
  • The Municipality of Dvorníky - Včeláre - Lodging Flats in Dvorníky - Včeláre - 18 flats ( founded by EU )
  • Tomáš Juhász - Štrkopiesky, Turňa nad Bodvou - Administrative and Business Building in Turňa nad Bodvou
  • Billa, s.r.o. - Shopping Mall Stupava


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Selection from references