About the company

History of the company:

History of company CEVING s.r.o. (Ltd) comes to year 1992 when Združenie CEVING was established. It was found by long-time employees of Eastern Slovak Cement and Lime works Košice. Rich know-how, that are utilized during present engineering and consultancy activities, were acquired through constructions of various demanding capital project and investments e.g . : Cement works in Turňa nad Bodvou and Bystré, Lime works in Margecany and Gombasek and many other. Year 2000 brings a new wave of young graduated civil engineers to the company, who underlie its present management.

The team of engineering and design office Združenie CEVING, doing the business as a group of entrepreneurs has decided after long 21 years to change the legal entity and since March 1st, 2013 they continue as a Limited company, with a name CEVING s.r.o. (Ltd.). All rights, duties and responsibility have been moved to company CEVING s.r.o. (Ltd.).

Detailed history :

Since its foundation company CEVING has provided consultancy and engineering activities for constructions of several municipalities of Košice region, those have raised the development of region significantly. Even though, that our company in present works on much larger projects all around Slovakia, co-operation with municipalities continues, what highlights the point that long-term liability and quality is the best reference.

Čerpacia stanica Slovnaft, a.s. Starý Smokovec

New possibilities has come with establishing of separate Slovakia, where Slovakia has chosen the way of modernization and environment protection. Company CEVING has participated n construction and re-construction of filling station for several multinational companies during their position setting- up, such as Slovnaft Inc., OMV Slovensko Ltd., AGIP Slovensko Ltd., CONOC Jet Slovakia Ltd. We started the construction of LPG filling stations due to environment protection and also enlarging the services, and we still continue this activity all around Slovakia by now.

LPG stanica pri čerpacej stanici Slovnaft, a.s. Starý Smokovec

We have succeeded in tender for a long-time and exclusive Project manager for company Slovnaft, member of MOL group, for providing complete services for construction, reconstruction of structures and  technological equipment of filling-stations. We provide selection of designer, construction company as well as managing the whole construction process , up to the registration of the new property to the Cadastral Office.

Modernizácia c

The most important Clients of our company are companies the Eastern Slovak Cement works Inc. Turňa nad Bodvou and Transpetrol Inc. Bratislava, where we co-operate on modernizations and reconstructions. We have participated on modernization of the furnace, modernization of the cement and slag mill at Eastern Slovak Cement works as well as on re-construction of crude-oil tanks and other facilities for oil transport of company Transpetrol.

Predajňa Mc Donald´s Zvolen

Year 1998 has brought new business possibilities, where expansion of wholesale markets has started. CEVING was providing complex permission of supermarkets such as BILLA, KAUFLAND, HYPERNOVA and BAUMAX.  Other companies we have co-operated with in construction and refurbishment of their facilities within Košice are companies ASKO Furniture and METRO Cash&Carry. We are providing consultancy activities for the fast-food network of Mc Donald´s at present time .

Hotel Double Tree by Hilton, Košice

Within our activities in Košice city, we have provided engineering activities for the re-construction of the most important hotel in the city – hotel Slovan, which became a part of the international networks of high-quality and standard hotel – Double Tree by Hilton and belongs to the largest and most modern hotels of Slovakia.

Výrobný závod Getrag Ford Transmissions Slovakia, a.s. Kechnec

Year 2002, has started a successful stage within one large project – Industrial Zone of Kechnec. CEVING has provided engineering construction of complete infrastructure consisting of construction of all utilities and mains, construction of a new and modern water treatment facility, re-construction and extension of an existing waste-water treatment facility. We took part at complete construction of production and assembly plants of different international companies. We have co-operated and still are co-operating with  companies GETRAG – FORD Transmissions Slovakia, CROWN Bevcan Slovakia, Magneti Marelli Slovakia, SWEP Slovakia, Precision Process Technology Slovakia, KUENZ – SK, HANDTMANN Slovakia, Clean Tech Slovakia and many others .... ,


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